Fighting EX Layer Blair and Jack, and Shadowgeist trailers

Fighting EX Layer Blair and Jack, and Shadowgeist trailers

Two new trailers for three characters.

Fighting EX Layer

Following a live stream on Sunday, Arika has released two new trailers for Fighting EX Layer introducing characters Blair, Jack, and Shadowgeist.

Here is each character’s backstory, via Arika:

  • Blair – Born into an affluent family, Blaire fought with a sense of refinement and grace. However, she began to develop an interest in the disappearance of her former bodyguard, Jack. Hearing that he left for America, she has no choice to but to go search for him on her own. Employing the aid of a well known detective, Blaire heads to America.
  • Jack – In order to protect his Boss’ honor, Jack silently withdrew from the Organization, left for America, and is currently in hiding on a ranch. After learning that Volcano Rosso, his junior from the Organization, was searching for him, Jack began to suspect that they had put out a hit on him and prepared for the worst.
  • Shadowgeist – With information that his daughter is alive, Shadowgeist heads to America. In exchange for his daughter’s safety, he agrees to help the Secret Service to eradicate an unknown outbreak of Minus Energy.

Fighting EX Layer is due out worldwide for PlayStation 4 before the end of June.

Watch the trailers below.

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